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Safety and Security

 Keeping the campus a safe place to live and study.St. Catharine College Student

St. Catharine College is committed to promoting a safe and engaging learning environment where all can enjoy the challenges and rewards of the educational process free of fear, apprehension, harassment, or discrimination. In order to achieve a safe and healthy learning environment, we must all share responsibility by exemplifying the code of conduct and reporting all emergencies, crimes, suspicious activities and safety hazards.

Mission Statement

Campus Security at St. Catharine College has your safety as its priority with constant presence 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Campus security is committed to a partnership with the faculty, staff, and students to ensure a safe environment.  Their mission is to prevent crime, maintain order, safeguard property and enhance a quality of life that enables the achievement of academic excellence. Officers conduct regular rounds of the campus and monitor the campus security camera system.  Campus Security also enforces St. Catharine College policies, rules, and regulations.

The Safety and Security Committee, an advisory committee to the President, assists in developing emergency, safety and recovery plans and procedures. In the event of a disaster on campus, the committee members will take leadership roles and implement the plans to protect the well-being of the College community. We strive to enhance the living, learning and working experience at St. Catharine College by engaging in proactive safety and security planning, practice and preparation. 

Contact Campus Safety and Security

The Campus Security office is located in the lower level of Spalding Campus and Community Center, just off the student center.  A security officer is on duty at all times; if not in the office, Security can be reached by calling 859-805-1317.

Contact Numbers & Email are:

  • Office -- 859-336-5082 extension 1276
  • Cell -- 859-805-1317  (24 hour service)    *this phone receives text messages
  • E-mail -- security@sccky.edu

Security Reports

Safety and Security Manual

Crime Prevention Tips

A truly safe campus, however, can be achieved only through cooperation of all students, faculty and staff and the responsible decisions they make every day.

  • Report any suspicious behavior or criminal activity to Campus Security right away.
  • Report any malfunctioning doors, windows, or locks.
  • Take responsibility for your safety; walk in pairs at night.
  • Keep your residence hall room door locked at all times.
  • Keep all valuables out of sight in your car.
  • Report any unescorted strangers, male or female.
  • Do not prop open any exterior doors.