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Dominic Hall

Suite-style living for male and female students.

Dominic Hall is one of three residence halls housed in the Spalding Complex: home to the Dining Center and Student Center. The building opened in 2001 and has some of the most spacious suite style rooms in the state. The majority bedrooms in Dominic hold two (2) people share an adjoining bathroom to another two (2) person bedroom. The building does feature three (3) person rooms that are connected to a private bath.

Room Dimensions

  • 18 ft 6 inches x 12 ft.

Window Dimensions

  •  Coming Soon!

Room Amenities

All rooms in Dominic Hall come with the following for each student:

  • A twin extra long (Twin XL) bed.
  • A desk
  • A desk chair
  • A dresser
  • A wardrobe
  • Blinds for the bedroom window.

All rooms also include:

  • 2 hookups for Ethernet Internet Access
  • 1 hookup for Cable Television Access Provided by College Cable Services Inc.
  • Air conditioning/heat (Each suite shares a thermostat)
  • Connecting Door to a Bathroom that includes:
    • 1-2 sinks (depending on suite)
    • 1 mirror above the sink
    • 1 shower
    • Blinds for the bathroom window