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Community Service

 Students at St. Catharine College learn to serve—fulfilling a core value of the College.St. Catharine College student

 As an SCC student, you will have many opportunities to engage in service, one of the core values of St. Catharine College. Whether through a classroom service learning project, a student club or organization initiative, a Campus Ministry activity, an individual outreach project, or a college-wide undertaking, students are getting involved to help others in the local community, the nation, and the world and to expand their understanding of important social issues.

A college-wide effort that takes place on an annual basis is Stewardship Week. During this week, the entire campus community joins to focus on becoming good stewards of our environment, community & Dominican heritage. This week includes a wide variety of activities and events focused on service and raising awareness of vital issues impacting individuals, our communities, and our world. 

Campus Ministry and Chaplaincy at St. Catharine College are committed to raising the consciousness of students and calling forth their compassionate response in regards to human beings who suffer at the margins of society and the earth itself that suffers. This is done through educational and outreach opportunities throughout the academic year.

Examples of these opportunities are: