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Ellis Blanton

Ellis Blanton

Meet Ellis Blanton – Assistant Professor of Radiology

When it comes to teaching, Ellis Blanton says that the bug really bit him early in his career.  Initially the study and training in the field of radiography was hospital-based only.  It was in that setting that he received his training and then went on to help train others in the field at Baptist Hospital East.  Over time the programs were moved to colleges and it was through his serving on the Advisory Board for the program at the University of Louisville that Ellis met Ann Obergfell.  After she became the Dean of the Health Sciences Program at St. Catharine, he accepted her invitation to combine his experience with his love of teaching and be a part of the St. Catharine faculty.

Explaining that radiographers do more physical touching of a patient than the average health care professional, Ellis explains why the Introduction course is such a foundational part of a student’s training.  The way the radiographer positions the patient and the technique they use can dramatically influence the image that is produced.  His students learn early on the strict rules about jewelry, cologne and dress and how those elements can interfere with the procedure.  Every effort needs to be made to learn how to pronounce names and terms properly and to explain procedures in such a way as to minimize the patient’s apprehension.  Because of his years of experience in the field, Ellis has many practical examples and stories that he shares with his students. 

St. Catharine College radiography students do their clinical work in 16 different hospitals in the area.  Ellis knows what a privilege it is to hear the hospitals describe how well prepared the SCC graduates are.  He says that the fringe benefit that means the most to him personally is when a graduate says ‘thank you’ to a teacher. 

THE MISSION MATTERS:  When he worked at Baptist Hospital East the motto of the hospital was, Family Spoken Here.  Ellis described how hard it was for him to leave Baptist, but he excitedly describes how much he loves being a part of the St. Catharine family.  As a member of the Baptist faith he says that he appreciates how much he has learned about the Catholic faith.  It has helped him to understand more than ever how we are all God’s children.

(Thanks to Sr. Mary Louise Edwards, O.P. for this profile.)