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Len and Susan Spalding

Len and Susan Spalding

Meet Len and Susan Spalding

Len and Susan Spalding have been more than donors to St. Catharine College.  Although their contributions of almost $2 million dollars to date have made them St. Catharine’s largest financial supporter, they are also friends of the College in every sense of the word. 

Len serves on the Board of Trustees and was Chairman of the St. Catharine College Vision 2001 & Beyond Campaign.  Susan began the Mid-Ky Arts Program at St. Catharine.  This program has grown and flourished over the years.  Mid-Ky Arts concerts, choral events and plays have become famous in the region for their quality and professionalism.  The entire program has been a great asset for St. Catharine College and for the Arts programs at the College.   In addition, you will often find Len and Susan on campus, attending Mass, in a meeting, or eating in the Spalding Student and Community Center, named for Len’s parents, Dr. Leonard and Elsie Spalding.

Their generous spirit has been a positive influence to many on campus.  Although they are not alumni of the College, Len grew up in nearby Springfield and the Spaldings felt drawn to St. Catharine when they relocated to Springfield in 1996.  “We both believe that we were put on earth for a purpose,” said Len.  “When we got to St. Catharine it seemed that this was our purpose.  The Lord has blessed me with a career that I enjoy every day.  It is one that has been fulfilling personally and financially.  Helping St. Catharine and the students there is one way that we can give something back for the blessings received.”

Len and Susan hope their gifts will inspire others to support St. Catharine College and its mission.  “If not for St. Catharine, many of these students would never have a chance for a post-secondary education.  We hope to encourage people by example.”