Saint Catharine College Clock Tower photo

Faculty and Staff pledge $200,000 toward new Library and Graduate Center

Pizza can be a strong motivator. Still have your doubts? Just ask the 152 members of the St. Catharine College faculty and staff. On March 14, SCC President William D. Huston issued a challenge to SCC faculty and staff to raise money toward the construction of the Emily W. Hundley Library and Center for Graduate Studies. The challenge consisted of eight teams - each racing to be the first to have 100-percent participation among their members. With a goal of $200,000 over the next four years and the promise of a pizza party for the first team to have all of their members sign-up, team captains wasted no time recruiting.

The March Madness campaign was designed to kick-start the fund drive for the new $8 million project. President Huston was hoping to have 100-percent participation from all SCC faculty and staff. On April 1, at the end of the two-week campaign which President Huston dubbed "March Madness", faculty and staff were told the results of their effort.

"I can’t tell you how many comments I’ve had out in the communities and across the state about the ambitious goals we have at St. Catharine College," Huston told the crowd. "It’s a huge price for progress and that huge price is taken in many, many small steps. I don’t want anybody to think that we take change lightly at St. Catharine. It doesn’t just happen. It’s something that each and every one of you has embraced, you believe in and support each day you come to work. I thought hard about whether to challenge the faculty and staff. I wondered. ‘Well, what if it’s only partly successful or not successful at all?’ But you have provided the momentum to take this project forward."

"We wanted to raise $200,000. That was a pretty ambitious goal," said Jenna Copple, Vice President for Advancement. "I have run many employee campaigns and I have never had 100-percent participation before, but we achieved 100-percent participation for a grand total of $205,464. This is the first time in my career that we reached 100-percent. You are very special people. Thank you very much."

"I don’t know what to say after that," added President Huston. "I want to express my deepest appreciation to everyone for their consideration and thoughtfulness that you gave in considering a gift to this campaign. There is not another college in the state of Kentucky, or probably nationally, that has the commitment like we have at St. Catharine. This reiterates to me one more time how you feel about this institution, your job and what we do every day. This is going to send an extremely clear message to the Board of Trustees and I plan to take Jenna’s report to them and ask them to add a zero to the end of that number. I think all of you should give yourselves a big round of applause."

So which team finished as the first to have all of their members contribute? It was The Dynamites led by Evelyn and Jim Silliman. Their team members will receive special incentives; however, since 100-percent participation was achieved, Copple told the assembled crowd that everyone would enjoy a pizza party.

Most of the College’s employees opted to contribute through payroll deduction stretched out over four years.

For their effort, not only will SCC employees receive a few slices of pizza, but now they have a piece of St. Catharine College they can call their own.