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Campus offices are on the move

SCC Offices

Above: Classrooms in Lourdes Hall were being converted to new office space over the Christmas break.

Things are starting to look a little different around the St. Catharine College campus, not just with new construction happening, but also a restructuring of several offices and locations. The need for additional space on campus has some college offices on the move.

     “Several months ago the college’s Executive Council developed a plan of reorganization of SCC in regard to facilities,” said SCC Executive Vice President Roger Marcum. “The intent of the plan is to improve efficiency and effectiveness as we continue to grow and evolve. One of our priorities was to locate the Admissions, Registrar and Financial Aid departments in a more attractive and accessible location. We are convinced that a collaborative working relationship between admissions and financial aid is vital to the future progress of SCC. As a result, the offices of Financial Aid, Registrar and Admissions have moved to Lourdes Hall.”

     To make room for this “one-stop shop” for new students, several departments have been relocated on campus. The Teacher Education Division has moved to lower Bertrand Hall. The Business/Marketing and Math faculty offices are now located on the 2 nd or 3 rd floors of Bertrand. Psychology and Sports Leadership faculty offices have moved to the lower floor of the Richard S. Hamilton Health and Sciences Building. Some additional office spaces have been created wherever needed.

     “Each and every year, we must re-evaluate how we are using our resources to best meet the needs of current and future students,” Marcum added. “Two of our most valuable resources are the talented, dedicated faculty/staff and our facilities.

     Not all of the moves are permanent. Marcum said there will be some additional moves in store once construction is complete on the new Emily W. Hundley Library and Center for Graduate Studies.

     “Some of the changes in this plan we hope will be long term while others are more short term,” he said. The construction of the new Emily W. Hundley Library and Center for Graduate Studies will certainly provide an opportunity for changes in how we utilize existing facilities.”

     A majority of the moves are taking place over the Christmas break and the remodeling should be finished before the start of the Spring 2012 semester.

SCC Offices

Above: The lobby of Lourdes Hall got several fresh coats of paint after the fall semester ended.

SCC Offices

Above: Offices were emptied in lower Bertrand Hall as the Admissions and Registrar offices were moved to Lourdes Hall.

SCC Offices

Above: New walls were going up in the lower floor of the Richard S. Hamilton Health & Science Building and Lourdes Hall to make way for additional offices.