Saint Catharine College Clock Tower photo

SCC’s growth means new faculty and staff on Campus

Scorecard, get your scorecard - you can’t tell the players without a scorecard!

That’s the traditional cry from vendors at baseball parks across the country. The scorecard contains the current lineup for the teams and helps spectators keep track of who is in the game and the position they play.

The same can be said for the St. Catharine College Campus as several new "players" have joined the team, and some familiar faces have changed position.

It’s no secret that SCC has grown considerably since its humble beginnings. As the Campus and curriculum has expanded, so has the size of the faculty and staff to accommodate that growth.

"When I first began, we had approximately 45 employees," said SCC President William Huston. "Today, we have 155 full-time employees and many part-time. The College is in an expansion mode and programs and staff responsibilities are expanding. With this, we are teaching more classes and have presences in Nelson and Marion counties. Our outreach to provide secondary options has continually grown. The recent approval for Masters Degrees will continue the recent trends."

Huston believes the additions to faculty and staff will work well with those who have been at SCC for a while.

"We are attracting bright individuals, not only from other universities and colleges, but from industry and the private sector as well," he added. "Anytime you are in a growth mode and bring new ideas to the team, it only stimulates those already here, as well as the new arrivals. Change is good. We hope we can continue to benefit from those who wish to share great experiences from previous employment. SCC is a great place to work and grow as we continue to transition into a post graduate institution. It is a place for ‘builders and not maintainers’."