Saint Catharine College Clock Tower photo

St. Catharine College to graduate first master's students

New students now being accepted

In January of 2012 St. Catharine College welcomes its first graduate students who would pursue a master’s degree in leadership.  Nine members of the first group of students will receive their master’s degrees at St. Catharine College’s

May commencement and thus establish themselves as SCC pioneers.  As these students are doing, it is possible to complete the program in 18 months (three semesters). Students may also take fewer classes each semester—it is their choice.

Those who will be receiving degrees are:  Daniel Byrd (Bardstown), Amanda Chesser (Springfield), Francis Tim Churchill (Springfield), Hans Desir (Springfield), Tom Dodge (Bardstown), Diane Hopper (Bardstown), Sylvia Horlander (Bardtstown), Alicia O’Cull (Springfield) and Stephanie Testa (Louisville). 

“Getting the master’s degree is hard work, but it is definitely worth it,” Chesser said.

St. Catharine College is now accepting applications for members of a new cohort of students.  Classes begin Wednesday evening, March 14 and will run for eight weeks.  Interested persons should call the Dean of the Graduate School, Sister Angie Shaughnessy at (859) 336-5082, ext. 1321.