Saint Catharine College Clock Tower photo

Grow With Us

Education is all about growth, and no institution stands as a better example of that philosophy than St. Catharine College. Not only is St. Catharine College the ideal place for students to grow as scholars, but they can also blossom as responsible adults ready to take on the world with a quality education.

And while the students are growing in knowledge, St. Catharine is also undertaking the task of not only expanding its curriculum to include its first ever graduate programs in the spring of 2012, but it is also investing in students’ futures by building new facilities, such as the soon-to-be-completed Aquinas Apartments which will serve as student housing. St. Catharine also looks to break ground soon on the new Emily W. Hundley Library and renovation should be complete later this year on an expanded athletic complex.

With all of this growth taking place, the college’s founders would hardly recognize the campus from its humble beginnings 80 years ago.

Founded in the Dominican tradition in 1931, St. Catharine College is an independent, co-educational liberal arts college with a unique residential collegiate experience totally dedicated to helping each student realize his or her full potential.  St. Catharine enrolls approximately 850 students from 52 counties in Kentucky, 15 states, and five countries.

For much of its history, St. Catharine College was a two-year college awarding associate degrees. In 2004, St. Catharine became a four-year college and today it offers 20 BA/BS programs, as well as Associate degree and certificate programs, and there are still more degree programs to come.

A major milestone for St. Catharine College came in December 2010, when President William D. Huston received word that St. Catharine had been granted Level III status from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award graduate degrees. St. Catharine is pleased to announce that two master’s degree programs will start January 2012; the first in Health Leadership and Promotion, and the other in Community and Regional Leadership. These are cutting-edge programs that few other colleges offer, if at all.

St. Catharine College is also expanding into surrounding counties with its Continuing and Community Education Program. This is the first year for non-credit courses that are taught at Centre Square in Lebanon, Spalding Hall in Bardstown and the college’s main campus near Springfield.

The Patriot athletic program continues to grow as well. Not too long ago, the college added track, cross country and bowling to its list of sports. This year is no different as the college will add swimming to the growing list of varsity sports. New tennis courts will be completed later this year as part of a redesigned athletic complex, which also includes a new soccer field and new lighting.

The Patriot mens’ basketball received national attention this past January by climbing as high as #8 in the NAIA rankings and battling for the number one position in the Mid-South Conference. Not too bad for a program just three years removed from playing as a junior college.

With an expanding list of courses, programs and degrees; a campus-wide facilities expansion in full swing; and athletics making noise on the national stage, the possibilities for growth at St. Catharine College and for its students continues to add to their rich heritage.

As you can see, growth at St. Catharine College is everywhere.