Saint Catharine College Clock Tower photo

A complete list of 2013 graduates

It was a historic year for St. Catharine College, as 159 students received diplomas on May 11 during the 81st commencement ceremony at the college.

This year two pioneer groups crossed the stage. One was a group of 11 students from Washington County High School that received an Associate of Arts from the college before they received their high school diplomas the following weekend. The group was part of the inaugural Commander College class, which is a group of students who have been taking courses at St. Catharine.

The other pioneer group consisted of nine students who received a Master of Arts. They are the first group to be awarded a graduate degree at St. Catharine College.

The following students received a degree from St. Catharine College on May 11, 2013: Hanna Adkins, Elizabeth Alcorn, Joseph Andrada, Kalli Barnett, Kim Berry, Isaac Blanford, Christopher Brady, Nola Bright, Tiffany Bright, Geralyn Burton, Daniel Byrd, Lauren Caldwell, Caitlin Campbell, James Carroll, Sarah Castillo, Kenneth Catron III, Tiffany Centers, Carrie Chastain, Austyn Cheatham, Amanda Chesser, Mary Chesser, Francis Churchill, Derek Cissell, Julia Clark, Brandon Clemmons, Danielle Coulter, Keana Crockett, Corey Cundiff, Jessica Darland, Terry Davis, Robert Dean, Adam Decker, Hans Desir, Kristy Devine, James Dodge, Janey Doty, Kayla Douglas, Kelsey Downs, Frances Ellis, Pilar Espinosa, Kasei Evans, Samantha Floyd, Courtney Foster, Austin Gibson, Julia Gibson, Hagan Goldey, Laci Goode, Shenandoah Grafflin, Amanda Gray, Andrea Gribbins, Alexiss Griffin, Anna Hamilton, Zack Hamilton, Ashley Hardin, David Haydon, Chelsey Heath, Carlos Hernandez, Morgan Hicks, Amelia Hilton, Leah Holloway, Diane Hopper, Sylvia Horlander, Janae Howard, Lauren Hutchins, Sarah Hutchins, Kelly Isaacs, Katie Jerome, Jackie Johnson, Mary Kasama, Jarred Keck, Misty Kehm, Teresa Kehm, Amanda Knopp, Samuel Kpoh, Teresa Kunkel, Kerri Laferriere, Jillian Leake, Hannah Lee, Marquis Lee, Candace Littlejohn, Jennifer Logsdon, Dorothea Lyvers, Emily Mann, Paola Martinez, John Martinez, Jr., Haley Mattingly, Laura Mattingly, Stuart Mattingly, Whitney Mattingly, Crystal McDonald, Amber Medley, Shelley Medley, Kristin Michael, Sara Miles, DeShawn Mitchell, April Moore, Juan Moriel-Franco, Ariel Myers, Brittany Nalley, Ann-Rachelle Newton, Kristy Newton, Frederick Booker Noe IV, Alicia Hale O’Cull, Rebecca Otto, Lindsay Pace, Matthew Pavelich, Candace Price, Angela Puckett, Lee Ann Pugh, Timothy Reed, Meagan Rein, William Rice, Shay Riggs, Adrian Roberts, Brittany Roberts, Starrishia Roberts, Melinda Romero, Krista Russell, Brett Saltsman, Erin Sanders, Tiffany Sapp, Cassandra Schmidt, William Shelton, Kenneth Shelver, Adam Smith, Ethan Smith, Jennifer Smith, Jonathan Smith, Joseph Smith, Kaitlyn Smith, Stephanie Smith, Jaclyn Spaulding, Leslie Stine, Shauna Stone, Stephanie Testa, Effie Thompson, Melissa Turpen, Jeremy Turpin, Jacob Waardenburg, Matthew Wagner, Christopher Warner, Liza Whalen, Carolyn Wheatley, Ashley White, Emma Whitehouse, Brittany Wieber, Stephanie Wilcheck, Tina Williams, Keenan Wilson, Nancy Wilson, Whitney Wright, Joseph Xavier, Theresa Yaste, Lauren Yates and Luis Zeledon.

Founded in the Dominican tradition in 1931 and sponsored by the Dominican Sisters of Peace, St. Catharine College, a Catholic, Dominican college inspired by its founders, welcomes all to the challenging pursuit of truth, preparing them to become critical thinkers, ethical leaders and engaged citizens.