Saint Catharine College Clock Tower photo

Staff and faculty complete leadership and team-building training

On Feb. 1, St. Catharine College’s department of management hosted professional development training titled “Getting from ‘Me’ to ‘We’ – Leadership and Teambuilding.”

Dr. Kristina Ricketts, a University of Kentucky Leadership Development Specialist, co-facilitated the training and presented a workshop and participant self-assessment on how personality traits and characteristics influence all facets of individual leadership and decision-making and led a group discussion on how organizational culture and leadership traits interact to promote positive teamwork.

Assisting with the training were management students Marlene Kasama and Amber Medley and graduate student Sylvia Horlander.

Following the in-class workshop, 18 trainees representing the entire campus’ student government, staff and faculty moved to Lourdes Hall where they completed several hands-on training exercises designed to allow them to practice the “lessons learned” by completing a series of challenging tasks.

Graduates of the training included Marlene Kasama, Sylvia Horlander, Carlotta Brussell, Amy Riley, President William D. Huston, Peggy Tillman, Gary Whittle, Dr. Harry Toder, Laura Dean, Andrea Greenwell, Tyler Campbell, Sara Sexton, Ellis Blanton, Dr. Jianning Su, Dr. Vicki Guthrie, Tom Dodge, Huston Brown and Carissa Coslow.