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Criminal Justice classes prepared graduates

This past semester was an interesting one, for students in the Criminal Justice program:

For example, in the Job Enrichment for the Criminal Justice Professional class(capstone class of program), 2 program graduates from the previous year came to speak to the students. One was Nick Houlehan, police officer in the Florence, Ky. police department. More recently, Shanice Rogers also came to speak to the same class. Miss Rogers is currently working in pre-trial services in Kentucky. She had a great deal of career advice for students in the class, including to "network, network, network". She also advised the students not to be too selective in the jobs they accept just coming out of school. She counseled them that, in order to get experience, they had to be willing to start at the bottom, so to speak. Miss Rogers also said that criminal justice program helped her "big time", as far as obtaining the necessary background for the work she is currently doing.

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