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SCC’s New Continuing and Community Education Program is a Success

To say that the inaugural session of Continuing and Community Education classes offered by St. Catharine College has been a success is somewhat of an understatement. Enrollment has been strong for many of the classes and students have enjoyed the variety of courses to choose from.

"We’ve had a very good response from all three counties – Washington, Marion and Nelson," said Sr. Barbara Rapp, Director of Continuing and Community Education at St. Catharine College. "We’re very pleased with the number of people who participated - the number of instructors as well as the number of students."

As with any new program, there were a few minor snags, but overall Rapp is pleased with the results.

"Most of the courses had very good feedback from the students," added Rapp. "People are appreciative of St. Catharine College being in Springfield, Lebanon and Bardstown to offer these courses to the community."

One of the most popular courses offered were the digital photography classes taught by Clara Logsdon in Bardstown and Jesse Osbourne in Lebanon.

"I think the students really enjoyed the class," said Logsdon. "We covered exposure, lighting, how to frame out a photo and we took a field trip to Nazareth and the students really enjoyed that."

Osbourne said, "I feel like the classes went well. I’ve never taught a class before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The students that have given feedback expressed that they have learned a lot and enjoyed the class. I think the C&CE program is a great asset to Lebanon, and the other communities where it is present. If I weren’t teaching a course, I would definitely be signed up for a course."

Joan Gardner-Mattingly was one of the students in Osbourne’s class.

"Jesse was a great instructor," she said. "I didn’t know that much about my camera when I bought it, the book was so confusing. My pictures have improved 110-percent since I took his class. The college is now talking about doing an advanced photography class, and I will be signing up for that one as well. I would take another class in a heartbeat, I loved it."

Rapp said a lot of positive responses have come back to her from the courses. With a solid foundation in place, she is looking to expand the curriculum, thanks to feedback from the community.

"We did an evaluation at the end of each class and one of the things we requested was suggestions for classes people would be interested in taking, so we have some new ideas," she said.

Among those new classes to be offered are Basic Car Maintenance, Home Efficiency – Going Green/Saving Green, Fitness Orientation and a Kids College, which may include drama, pottery, painting and jewelry making for kids grades 3-8.

"Fitness orientation is for people who walk into a gym, look around at the equipment and have no idea what to do with it," Rapp said. "That will be a two-week course taught through Fuel Fitness in Springfield. The Kid’s College is an alternative for kids who may not be athletically-inclined but want to do something creative."

Registration for Summer classes is underway now. For more information about Continuing and Community Education classes at St. Catharine College, please call (270) 699-2157 or email