Saint Catharine College Clock Tower photo

St. Catharine College alum featured in legislative campaign

Catie Breeze, a 2009 graduate of St. Catharine College, was recently spotlighted in a campaign sponsored by the Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges and Universities (AIKCU).

“We began planning this campaign as a way to reinforce to legislators and the general public the tremendous value that a private college education provides, both for graduates and for Kentucky communities,” Mason Dyer, vice president for external relations and information with AIKCU, said.

The campaign included posters with a graduate from each of the 20 AIKCU schools. The posters were hanging in the tunnel between the Annex and Capitol in Frankfort.

The theme of the campaign was ‘Prepared.’

“We can talk forever about the ways private colleges prepare students for life and for careers — by providing a broad liberal arts and sciences education that helps students develop the critical thinking and communications skills that employers repeatedly say they need; by offering more than 150 majors that build upon that liberal arts base; by providing opportunities for students to gain valuable experience through research, internships, and experiential learning opportunities; by providing career counseling and assistance in making the transition from college to the workforce; by fostering a sense of social responsibility — but all that's hard to fit on a poster,” Dyer said. “So we settled on the word 'Prepared' as the theme of the campaign to encapsulate all these ideas.”

The campaign focused on recent alumni from each school.

“We deliberately focused on recent alumni to underscore the fact that, even in the tough recent economy, our graduates have not only been getting jobs, but they've been excelling in fields ranging from sonography to art, from education to banking.” Dyer said. “These are people from all over Kentucky who will be making a difference in their communities and in the Commonwealth at large for many years to come.”

One of those people is Catie Breeze, who came to St. Catharine College for the ultrasound program, found a job before she graduated and is now working towards medical school.

Breeze is originally from Covington. She became a Patriot because St. Catharine College is the only school in Kentucky that is accredited in all three modalities of ultrasound.

“When I went for my college visit, I felt right at home,” she said.

St. Catharine College prepared her for the workplace through clinical rotations at several different sites. She did her first rotation at Baptist Health Louisville (formerly known as Baptist Hospital East).

“I fell in love with the atmosphere, the intensity, the heavy work load, and the responsibility,” Breeze said. “Luckily for me, they fell in love with me, as well.”

Breeze said she kept in touch with some of the sonographers at Baptist Health Louisville.

“In December of 2008, one of the sonographers emailed me to inform me of a job position that had opened but had not yet been posted,” Breeze said. “I immediately called the supervisor to talk with her about possibly interviewing as a student and she hired me on the spot as a student sonographer until I graduated in May.”

Four years later, she’s still at Baptist Health Louisville.

Her goal, she said, is to attend medical school and become a specialized practitioner.

“My goal is to become more specialized and go into maybe oncology, pathology, or infectious disease,” she said. “I'm leaving my mind open though.”

Her time at St. Catharine, she said, definitely prepared her for her career.

“I definitely feel like SCC prepared me for my career because it gave me not only the job specific skills I required, but also personal interactive skills that are necessary to function in the work environment and with patients,” she said. “I felt comfortable networking upon leaving because of a multitude of experiences from St. Catharine. “

Some of those activities included involvement with Residence Life, winning Miss St. Catharine, Phi Theta Kappa and more.

“(Those activities) helped to mold me who I am and I'm so grateful for all of the opportunities that SCC has given me,” Breeze said.