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St. Catharine College to begin new BS program for Radiation Therapy

Starting this August, St. Catharine College will begin the Bachelor of Science Degree in Radiation Therapy Program. This bachelor degree program is the latest in the institution's ever expanding health and humans sciences fields and is the only radiation therapy educational offering within the Commonwealth. Admission to the program is very selective and has a foundational relationship  with college level science-based  physics and mathematics. Students may complete all course work at St. Catharine College or submit credits from other colleges for transfer consideration.

The purpose of the Radiation Therapy Program at St. Catharine College is to educate competent, entry level radiation therapists prepared to provide quality patient care. The program also encourages professional growth and development within the discipline in order to advance the practice of radiation therapy.

Radiation therapists use advanced computer systems to operate sophisticated equipment, such as Linear Accelerators, primarily in  treatment of cancer patients. Working with the radiation oncologist, medical physicists and others of the oncology team, the therapist delivers the treatment regimen.

The Dean of Health and Human Services at St. Catharine College, Dr. Harry Nickens, suggested  "the absence of any Kentucky based radiation therapy program increases costs to students seeking this academic credential at an out-of-state institution, to employers who will be competing within a national labor pool, and ultimately to the patient/ insurance carrier because of a diminished 'local' applicant pool. We are delighted to add this program, our most recent health sciences bachelors degree."

The US Department of Labor projects employment of radiation therapists needed to treat cancer patients will grow by 27% between 2008 and 2018. This translates into a need for increasing qualified therapist across the nation.  Recent graduates entering the work force as radiation therapists begin at between $25.00 and $32.00 per hour, depending on geographic region. Graduates can look forward to long-term career earnings and job security.

"I am very pleased to be back in Kentucky and at St. Catharine College, said Carol Scherbak, Program Director. "Having initiated two radiation therapy programs, one in Kentucky and most recently a second in Texas, I am confident our program at St. Catharine College  has the organization and  infrastructure in place to offer  our  students an education second to none in the nation."

The admissions process to the program is as follows: Application to the college, including submission of transcripts of previous college work, letters of recommendation and a letter of intent. Selected applicants are then asked to visit the campus for a personal interview. Applicants must also document observational experience within a radiation therapy setting. All core studies and prerequisite courses must be completed by the time a student enters the professional course work. General core courses are available at the college as an essential component of the four-year degree. Students are encouraged to plan well ahead in completing those requirements as a 40 hour per week commitment is required once the five semesters sequence of professional courses and clinicals are undertaken. Program clinical experiences will be gained through partnerships with oncology centers in central Kentucky.

For more information about the program, contact Carol Scherbak at (859)336-5082 or by email at

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