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Thompson wins military appreciation day 5K at St. Catharine College

David Thompson was the first male and first overall finisher of the second-annual St. Catharine College military appreciation day 5K run / walk.

Thompson finished the race in 21 minutes and 42 seconds. Roberta Meyer was the second overall finisher and the first female to cross the finish line. She finished in 23:14.

In the female 12-and-under group, Laurel Brahm finished first in 26:27. Brianna Mattingly finished second in 39:06.6. Jasmine Benningfield finished third in 39:06.7.

In the female 18-to-24 category, Carly Terrell finished first in 54:34.

In the female 25-to-29 category, Jana Abell finished first in 28:33. Sheena Hager finished second in 32:00 and Sara Cannon finished third in 34:14.

In the female 30-to-34 category, Amanda Mattingly finished first in 28:40. Heather Marksbury finished second in 29:00 and Jessie Weis finished third in 29:44.

In the female 35-to-39 category, Jennifer Sievert finished first in 28:34, while Corie Followell finished second in 40:23 and Jamie Mattingly came in third in 47:50.

In the female 40-to-44 category, Sharon Bach finished first in 25:41. Catherine Marks finished second in 37:47 and Melissa Smith finished third in 41:08.

In the female 45-to-49 category, Karen Scout finished first in 40:50. Myra Knopp finished second in 43:58 and Ann Thompson finished third in 45:28.

In the female 50-to-60 category, Karen Wilson finished first in 33:34. Charlene Dodson finished second in 35:46 and Rita Rust finished third in 46:23.

In the female 61-and-over category, Brenda Mattingly finished first in 52:30.

In the male 12-and-under category, Dalyn Mattingly finished first in 33:14.

In the male 13-to-17 category, Ben Dekle finished first in 30:25.

In the male 25-to-29 category, Macon Smith finished first in 26:16. Clinton Pence finished second in 39:29 and Neil Payne finished third in 51:51.

In the male 30-to-34 category, Josh Riggs finished first in 23:23. Bobbie Mattingly finished second in 24:00 and Mike Medley finished third in 26:18.

In the male 35-to-39 category, Jeremy Mattingly finished first in 25:05. Charles Ramey finished second in 25:54 and Jake Ackers finished third in 28:05.

In the male 40-to-44 category, Brett Martin finished first in 24:30. John Kaufield finished second in 27:31 and Chad Hood finished third in 28:06.

In the male 45-to-49 category, Robert Hillerich finished first in 24:32. Phil Chatigny finished second in 34:56.

In the male 50-to-60 category, Harper Smith finished first in 23:42. Martin McDonald finished second in 25:20 and Timothy Mattingly finished third in 26:37.

In the male 61-and-over category, Otha Allen finished first in 27:11. Ambrose Wilson finished second in 30:12 and Gordon Webb finished third in 50:40.

In the team competition, Team Hatton finished first in 27:26. Team Golden Girls finished second in 46:06 and Team LEB Group finished third in 55:18.

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