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SCC License Plates

Show your school spirit and help provide scholarship money at the same time!

You can spread the word about St. Catharine College just by driving your car - get the SCC license plate and part of the plate cost and yearly renewal goes to support the general scholarship fund.

Who is eligible for the plate?
Any owner of a passenger or 6,000 lb. commercial vehicle, except taxi cabs and airport limousines.

Initial Cost:  $44.00

Annual Renewal Cost:  $31.00

Remarks: $10.00 of the initial and renewal of registration goes to the general scholarship fund of St. Catharine College.  This type of plate is issued every five years, and every 5th year after.

For more information, visit the Kentucky Department of Motor Vehicles web site or ask your local County Clerk for details.  Most counties keep these plates in stock -- if not they can have them for you in just a few days.  

SCC License Plate

New SCC License Plate Design