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Dual Enrolled Students

Earn College Credit while in High School

St. Catharine College offers four opportunities for high school students to earn college credit:  credits for Advanced Placement (AP) courses, dual enrollment status, dual credit programs and institutional articulation agreements.

Advanced Placement Courses

Ann Carol St. Catharine College recognizes and grants credit for Advanced Placement test scores in subjects for which the College has corresponding course work.  A score of 3 or above is required for credit.  For information, contact the Admissions Office or the Office of the Registrar.  The selection and offering of Advanced Placement courses is strictly an option, and by authority of the various school boards, schools and secondary faculties.  The College does not participate in teaching such courses and the evaluation of the courses is according to school board and national policies.  It is the responsibility of the student to have official AP scores sent to St. Catharine College.

Dual Enrollment (High School on Campus) *Qualifies for Jump-Start Scholarship

High school students of proven academic ability may be admitted to the college in non-degree status while still pursuing secondary school studies.  Such admissions will be limited to one or two courses per semester or other term on a space available basis.  The student must provide a completed application , a letter of recommendation from a high school guidance office citing their current academic GPA and potential for completing college coursework and evidence that he or she will be able to regularly attend the scheduled course.  Fall and spring tuition is discounted while summer tuition for dual enrollment students will be at the normal rate unless otherwise posted.  Course work complete in dual enrollment status will be posted to a St. Catharine transcript and may be applied to further study at St. Catharine or to transfer to other colleges and universities according to the policies of those colleges or universities.

Dual Credit *Qualifies for Jump-Start Scholarship

Dual credit courses are established in cooperation with participating academic high schools.  In these courses, a student is enrolled in a course that simultaneously counts for both credit at the participating high school and for college credit at St. Catharine College.

Faculty teaching Dual Credit course are employees of the participating school system and are credentialed to teach in the secondary schools according to the laws of Kentucky.  They also meet the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on College (SACSCOC) requirements for collegiate faculty.  Such eligibility generally requires a Master’s Degree in the subject being taught.  The course work is jointly reviewed by the high school and the College.  The courses are taught within the high school schedule and the students pay discounted tuition to St. Catharine College.  Upon successful completion of the course, the grade is registered at St. Catharine on a regular college transcript.  

Such courses may then be used at St. Catharine or can be transferred for credit to other colleges during the admissions and application process.  Such transfers are generally accepted among all regionally accredited colleges, but a course in transfer may or may not count toward a specific major.  For this reason, most dual credit courses are normally offered in general education areas that pose few, if any, barriers for full transfer.  Some colleges may only accept a course in transfer if the student has a grade of C or better.

* A $1,000 Scholarship is awarded to a first-time freshman enrolling at SCC who successfully participated in SCC’s Dual Credit and/or Dual Enrollment (High School on Campus) programs during their high school years.  Student must take advantage of this opportunity immediately after their senior year of school.

This scholarship is renewable if the student maintains a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.0.

Institutional Articulation Agreements

St. Catharine College maintains a specific articulation agreement with various regional technical and vocational colleges for the transfer of specific courses.  These agreements vary from institution to institution. 

If you have questions, please contact Admissions at 859-336-5082 or email us with your questions.