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High School and Transfer Counselors

High School & Transfer Counselors

A Recommendation You Can Be Proud to Make

Finding the right college “fit” for your students is so important. You want to recommend a college that is academically challenging, but where your students will also find a welcoming college home where they will be accepted and embraced right away. When you point a student toward St. Catharine College, you can be confident you have achieved your goals.

Of course, if a student is transferring, it’s also important to find a college that will accept the academic credits  he or she has already earned. St. Catharine College works with each student to allow the maximum number of credits to count toward graduation.

Whether your student is interested in health science, education, business or any of our many other areas of study , you can be confident they will receive an exceptional education at St. Catharine College. Our average class size of 10 students per instructor allows professors to get to know their students well and be closely involved in their development. St. Catharine focuses on graduating students who are prepared to hold down professional positions as well as contribute positively to the community.

St. Catharine College offers:Instruction

• Highly regarded Medical Imaging program that offer eight different specialties, more than any other institution in the country.

 • An innovative Education Program that is the first completely field-based program in the state.

 • A Community and Regional Studies program that prepares students to take a leadership role in small to mid-sized community planning and management.

 • A financial aid program that extends some form of aid to 98 percent of students.

 Because of the strong orientation toward preparing students for in-demand careers, our graduates enjoy an excellent rate of placement in the workplace.

 We invite you to visit the campus and see for yourself all that St. Catharine College has to offer. Also, feel free to call us at any time if you have a question about our programs or simply want to learn more about St. Catharine. You can reach us at 859-336-5082.