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Reading to Learn, Lead, and Live

The Importance of the QEP                                                                             

St. Catharine College’s role in the development of her students is many layered.  The St. Catharine student experiences a far deeper education than that of the classroom.  As a testament to this commitment to value added education, the faculty and staff at the college have developed a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) that integrates both the academic and cultural aspects of the student’s learning experience.  Known campus wide as r†l³: read to learn. read to lead. read to live. © , the program intends “to cultivate highly skilled readers who value reading as a habit that enables learning, inspires leading, and enriches living.”

ThFreshman Read Speaker 2010e Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges mandates that all colleges and universities establish a QEP for their campuses, and St. Catharine College’s QEP exemplifies her commitment to best practices and continuous improvement of her students.  r†l³ is a two- pronged program that operates reading projects across campus and in the surrounding communities that positively affect both the reading skills of students as well as the value with which they regard reading in their lives.  Examples of nurturing the camBanned Books Week 2008pus climate toward a reading friendly environment are annual projects such as The Freshman Read (a common reading experience for all freshmen, which is led by faculty, staff, and upperclassmen), SCC’s Celebration of Freedom to Read during Banned Books Week (a three-day public reading of excerpts from banned books), sponsorship of The Kentucky Book Fair  (an annual gathering of over 200 authors who meet the public, sell, and sign their books) , Book Giveaway to Local Children (a charity project operated by the Building and Grounds Dept.), Student-Run Book Circles, and Book Swap Shelves across campus.

Vounteers at 2010 Ky. Book FairAdditionally, r†l³ is establishing Reading Supportive © and Reading Intensive© courses in the core curriculum and in each major degree area in order to reach the QEP's goals, which intend to raise the students’ skills in five areas: recognizing main ideas, discriminating major/minor details, creating extensions, understanding relationships, and utilizing vocabulary.  

St. Catharine College’s QEP ( r†l³) was approved in 2007 and reaches the midpoint (5-year) impact in 2012, with assessment to follow in 2014.  However, the college plans to continue this avenue of educational enhancement for SCC’s students indefinitely.  Our goal is for r† to become organic to our institution while this initiative creates a lasting love of reading campus wide.                                     Any questions concerning r†l³ should be directed to Evelyn T. Silliman, r†l³ Director, at esilliman@sccky.edu.


2009 Ky. Book Fair Freshman Read Speaker 2009