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Transfer of Credits


For a list of transfer equivalencies, click the link below:

Transfer Equivalencies


An official transcript from all colleges attended must be on file with the Admissions Office before transfer credit is awarded. Students with Advanced Placement Scores must have scored a 3 or higher to receive credit. It is the responsibility of the student to have official AP scores sent to the College.

The College offers 3 credits in ENG101 English Composition I for students with a score of 28 or above on the ACT English portion, or 1260 on the SAT English portion.

The College also offers 3 credits in MAT106 College Algebra for students with a score of 27 or above on the ACT Math portion, or 610 on the SAT Math portion or 1220 on the SAT Critical Reading and Math portion.

The College accepts College Level Examination Program (CLEP) scores in a range of subject areas. A score of 50 is generally required.

Courses presented for transfer may be evaluated for content and match to St. Catharine College requirements, for the age of the course, and for other relevant factors. Course work over ten years old will be reviewed in detail and may be disallowed. Courses from a program with national accreditation rather than regional accreditation will be reviewed in detail. Grades of F, I, W, or NP will not be accepted. In addition, while grades of D may be generally transferable for credit, specific St. Catharine majors may require the grade of C in some or all courses.

At the discretion of the Admissions and Academic Standing Committee, a transfer student who was not in good academic standing at a previous institution at the time of application to St. Catharine may be accepted with specific academic conditions. Applicants in this situation should submit a request in writing for consideration along with their application.

Courses considered in transfer are evaluated by the Transfer Specialist and appropriate faculty members. Students may be asked to provide either catalog descriptions or syllabi from the original institution.


For further information regarding transfer of credits to St. Catharine College, please contact:

Patrick Morgan
Transfer and Adult Specialist
859-336-5082 ext. 1203