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Learn, Teach, Lead!

The Field-Based Education Preparation (FEP) Program offers to its candidates early, directed and reflective field-based experiences in authentic settings. This focus on well-rounded, professional and experiential learning demands a consistently high standard of ethical and professional behavior and practice for pre-service educators. All learning experiences, in field settings and in college classrooms, mirror expectations of the professional educational community. Co-teaching, peer coaching and mentoring strategies reinforce good practices and redirect candidate misconceptions and biases while building decision-making skills. Research-based teaching strategies in the program core, using differentiated instructional strategies and assessment techniques, are supported by the effective use of technology and by appropriate coursework in arts and sciences.

  1. Candidates prepared in this environment LEARN the expertise needed to plan and deliver instruction designed to meet the cognitive and affective needs of all students. This learning is grounded in content knowledge, as well as guided field experiences. Through rich field experiences, candidates develop real-world expertise in teaching and learning strategies, as well as a wide range of classroom management techniques. Candidates' written reflections on field experiences increasingly demonstrate growth in construction of pedagogical content knowledge.
  2. FEP candidates TEACH all learners with enthusiasm and expertise, with a focus always on student achievement. The foundation of student learning in the FEP Unit incorporates the Kentucky Common Core Academic Standards (CCAS) and the Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (PGES). Guidelines from professional content organizations such as the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE); National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS), and the Council for Exceptional Children Standards (CEC) are also incorporated. Teacher candidates develop understanding and skill in teaching by engaging in observations, designing lesson & unit plans and writing reflections that are evaluated through rubrics utilized by their clinical liaisons, cooperating teachers, and supervising teachers.
  3. Candidates prepared at SCC develop the ability to LEAD in their classrooms as members of communities of learners eager to extend their knowledge by broadening connections with other classrooms, neighborhoods, and learning communities in other cities, states or countries. This type of inclusive learning community is sustained when all students are included, their gifts and talents are recognized and their prior knowledge is valued. Candidates demonstrate leading by demonstrating knowledge and exhibiting dispositions necessary to deliver 21st Century College and Career Readiness skills to their students as evidenced in Capstone projects and Bridge assessments. Their leadership skills are also apparent in their active participation in campus and community stewardship opportunities.

Bridge Assessment

The progression of candidates in the Field-Based Preparation Program (FEP) toward graduation and certification is marked by bridges.

BRIDGE ONE:          Admission to the FEP Program

BRIDGE TWO:         Admission to Residency

BRIDGE THREE:     Application for Program Completion

Candidates are assessed at each bridge with submission of an electronic portfolio that includes appropriate data, content and teacher standards, dispositions, and performance.

Bridge Deadlines for 2015-2016

Bridge 1 and 2 Application Due Friday January 29th

Bridge 1 preliminary review of portfolio Friday April 1st

Bridge 1 FINAL portfolio due Friday April 15th

Bridge 1 Interview with Faculty Friday morning April 22nd

Bridge 2 Preliminary Review of Portfolio Due  Wednesday March 2nd

Bridge 2 FINAL Portfolio Due Friday March 11th

Bridge 2 Interview with Principals/Teachers Thursday evening March 17th

Bridge 3 Preliminary Review Due Friday April 15th

Bridge 3 FINAL Portfolio Due Friday April 29th

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