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Associates of Arts in Business

Get a Grounding in the Basic Skills Required in Business

  Completing a two-year Associates Degree in Business is a great way to gain foundational skills you can use no matter what career path you pursue. St. Catharine College structures their Business program so it is easy for non-traditional students – who may have family and work responsibilities – to complete all courses at convenient times and locations. Some courses are offered at satellite locations in Lebanon and Bardstown, Kentucky.  

In keeping with the College’s liberal arts foundations, if you enroll in this program, you will complete approximately 33 hours in the liberal arts and 33 hours in business courses, giving you a well-rounded academic experience.

Special Program Highlights and Features:

  • The program is a great way to complete a 2-year degree in a field that offers many educational and career options.
  • When you complete this program, all your courses count toward your four-year Bachelor’s degree if you decide to continue your education.
  • Students who know they want to go to college, but are unsure of their major, find the 2-year Business Degree a good place to begin their studies.
  • For your convenience, the college offers business classes in the evening and at satellite locations, as well as on campus during the day.

Interesting Courses You Might Take

Macroeconomics and Microeconomics – Explore the different concepts of macroeconomics (dealing with the economy as a whole) and microeconomics (dealing with the financial decisions made by individuals and companies).

Management – Learn about the different theories of management and the types of decisions managers must make. Understand the impact of these decisions and different courses of action in the business world.

Accounting I and II  – Acquaint yourself with the principles of accounting, including how to read financial statements, manage a balance sheet, use financial software and much more.

Meet the Instructors

Mike Halloran, Associate Professor of Business – Mr. Halloran has extensive experience in the business world. He has worked within the insurance field as both an employee and a business owner. He has taught business at St. Catharine College for over a decade.

Dr. David Donathan, Professor of Management/Chair of Business, Management & CIS – Dr. Donathan has a broad background in education, training and assessment. As a U.S. Army officer, he developed non-resident foreign language training programs. He has taught both elementary and secondary students and also has many years of experience teaching at the college level. He earned a B.A. in Business Administration from Columbia College; an M.S. in Human Resource Management and Development from Chapman University and a Ph.D. in Education from Capella University.

Gary Whittle, Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems – Mr. Whittle has been an instructor at SCC for 10 years. He holds an M.Ed. degree from the University of Louisville.

Career Outlook for Major

Many occupations originate from a business background. Most require a four-year college degree and often even a Masters. Among the many occupations you might pursue are:

  • Accountant or auditor – 22 percent job growth anticipated between 2008-2018*
  • Budget analyst – 15 percent job growth anticipated between 2008-2018*
  • Claims adjuster – 7 percent job growth anticipated between 2008-2018*
  • Loan officer – 10 percent job growth anticipated between 2008-2018*
  • Financial manager – 8 percent job growth anticipated between 2008-2018*
  • Personal financial advisor – 30 percent job growth anticipated between 2008-2018*

* Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11, Bureau of Labor Statistics, http://www.bls.gov/oco/oco1001.htm


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