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Academic Honors Program

The St. Catharine College Academic Honors Program offers incoming freshmen the opportunity to engage in a challenging and exciting academic program that will place them with others at their skill level and that offers a variety of unique course options.  Participating in the Honors Program requires no additional fees and works in conjunction with a student's major program of study.  While a student's experience with honors education at other institutions may mean being assigned extra work or harder assignments, at St. Catharine College, we do not believe that model best suits the needs of high achievers.  Based on the most current research on high grade earners, our Honors Program allows students to learn through immersive, creative, seminar-style classes.  As an Academic Honors Program student, you will have exciting opportunities for intellectual collaboration and stimulating dialogue with our best professors and brightest students.  You will also receive the designation of "Graduate of the Academic Honors Program" on your transcript and have the option of wearing Academic Honors cords at graduation.  As you continue through the Honors Program, you will have other opportunities that may include study abroad, scholarships, priority scheduling, and special housing arrangements.  Before you make your college decision or register for classes here at St. Catharine College, please contact the Director of the Honors Program, Dr. Tara Tuttle, for more information and admittance to the program.  Email her at honors@sccky.edu.

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A word from the Director

"This is an exciting time at St. Catharine and especially for the Honors Program.  I would love to talk to you about the program and the benefits it provides. "

Dr. Tara Tuttle