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Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

Encouraging Intellectual and Spiritual Growth

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St. Catharine College’s rich Dominican heritage has given the College a strong devotion to the community as a whole and to personal spirituality. The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies gives voice to the values long held by the founding sisterhood and through our degree programs encourages students to make a positive difference in their communities.  Students gain a strong grounding in the Judeo-Christian tradition through the academic study of the Bible and are also exposed to other religious traditions from around the world.
The programs offered within the department provides students with many opportunities to give legs to their faith and help those less fortunate in the community, as well as to work for the preservation of the environment. Among the activities undertaken through courses is work with the Streets to a Home program in Lexington that provides food, clothing and shelter to the urban poor. Another highlight of the department is the Eco-Spirituality course through which students explore the relationship between Psychology, Ecology and Religion. The goal of the course is to raise students’ consciousness of ecological issues and recognize their spiritual components.

The Philosophy concentration introduces students to a wide range of intellectual thought and great philosophers. They explore the questions that have challenged man since the beginning of time and learn to analyze different philosophies.  In the process they gain a better understanding of themselves and all mankind.

Minors Offered


Religious Studies

Certficate Offered

Pastoral Ministry

Department Instructors

Mr. Matthew Branstetter, Department Chair/Instructor

Dr. Don Giles, Professor

Dr. Robert Slocum, Adjunct Instructor

Sr. Jeanne Moore, OP, Adjunct Instructor

Mrs. Linette Lowe, Adjunct Instructor

Fr. Ben Brown, Adjunct Instructor