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Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts - Natural Science

Study the Natural World as You Learn to Think on a New Level

A Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts with a major in Natural Science from St. Catharine College in Kentucky prepares you to think, to evaluate ideas and to adapt to a broad range of employment opportunities. It also equips you with skills that will enrich your personal life in ways that go well beyond what mere technical training can ever deliver.

Carving a role for oneself in an increasingly complex world is a real challenge for today’s graduates. Some believe the best opportunity for a worthwhile career is to gain skills in an area that is currently in high demand and pursue expertise in that field. But the “career of the moment” is an elusive pursuit. What is in demand one year quickly becomes overloaded with talented graduates the next. What’s more, fields evolve over time and skills gained in a narrow focus are easily outmoded as advancements are adopted. What many graduates are finding is what employers have known for a very long time: the best preparation for a successful career is to gain a degree in an area that teaches one how to think, how to investigate, how to adapt and how to lead. This is the preparation that a Liberal Arts degree provides.

The Natural Science major within your degree gives you the opportunity to select 24 or more academic hours from the study of biology, chemistry, ecology, comparative anatomy, anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, genetics, microbiology, evolution, environmental science, geology and physics.  This education, in addition to the core classes and interdisciplinary curriculum of the Liberal Arts education, equips you to take leadership roles in any number of career directions. Just as important, it allows you to adapt and evolve so you change and grow with an ever-changing world.

Special Program Highlights and Features:

  • Small classes allow you to get to know professors well and receive the hands-on personal attention that leads to in-depth learning.
  • Students are able to assemble a series of courses that supports their envisioned career direction within the Natural Sciences.
  • The IDS Sequences of three courses expands students’ ability to think, evaluate ideas and see the connection between diverse disciplines.
  • The degree is excellent preparation for a masters program.
  • The liberal arts education is a great way to experience a rich array of academic options if you are unsure of your major.

Interesting Courses You Might Take:

History of Ideas – Gain new understanding of how ideas originate and learn to compare and contrast them. Completed during the sophomore year, this course is a capstone for all St. Catharine Liberal Arts students.

Faith and Reason – Taken during the junior year, this course encourages students to examine different beliefs and gain an understanding of the roles and links between faith and science. Students complete an investigative paper as part of this exploratory study.

The Human Landscape – Go into the community and world to complete this capstone course in a highly individual way.

Meet the Instructors

Our very capable science faculty, including many who hold terminal degrees in their fields, will teach all your natural science courses. Instructors equally well experienced and educated in their individual fields of study teach other courses within your Liberal Arts curriculum.

All courses at St. Catharine are taught by faculty who love to teach and are excellent educators. Graduate students do not serve as Instructors on our campus.

Career Outlook for Major

Since many diverse careers are open to those who hold a Liberal Arts degree, your career prospects depend on the direction you choose to follow. For information about a specific career direction, we encourage you to visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics website at www.bls.gov/oco.

What Students Say

A recent student evaluation stated...."The relation between the course material and practical uses are well explained.  The Teachers' commitment to our success helps to encourage us."

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