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Department of Natural Sciences

Empowering Self through Knowledge of Creation

The search for the basic fabric of creation has been man’s most noble and enduring endeavor.  Over the years, the study of Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics and related disciplines have combined to part the fog of alchemy and reveal a living universe, a magnificent world that defies description, and yet governed by simple rules that keep competing elements in perfect harmony.   The Department of Natural Sciences lends itself to the values long held by the founding sisterhood at St. Catharine College through our degree programs that encourage students to seek the empirical TRUTH concerning the universe by LEARNing the basics of the natural world, to CARE for the well-being of this world and to PARTNERSHIP with the community towards its sustenance.

Programs within the department provide students with opportunities to empower themselves and their communities through an integrated system of courses that challenges students to carefully collect relevant data, critically analyze them and not only to meaningfully apply them for the good of self and community but also to impart knowledge gained to others.  To effectively do so, within our programs are embedded an interdisciplinary Liberal Arts core curriculum that equips our students with the tools and finesse to help them adapt and evolve with an ever-changing world.   The final outcome is a well-blended student capable of lifelong commitment to the SEARCH OF TRUTH through research while living a full life of responsible citizenship.

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts/Natural Sciencesmicroscope

Bachelor of Science in Biology


Environmental Science





Department Instructors

Dr. Mansim Okafor, Department Chair/Associate Professor, BS in Biology Degree Coordinator

Dr. Corey Brelsfoard, Assistant Professor, BS in Liberal Arts/Natural Sciences Degree Coordinator/Advisor

Mrs. Carrie Christensen, Assistant Professsor, Chemical Hygiene Officer, BS in Biology Advisor

Dr. Meenakshi Bansal, Assistant Professor

Dr. Maxwell Ankrah, Assistant Professor