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School of Arts and Sciences

The School of Arts and Sciences offers exemplar academic programs and engaging extracurricular experiences. The A&S faculty members are qualified and dedicated professionals with many years of experience in their chosen disciplines. They are passionate about their teaching, scholarship, and service to the College and community. They are also sensitive to the needs and demands of today’s workforce. As a result, through course and program design, general education curriculum, study abroad and internship opportunities, research, and capstone experiences, the A&S faculty thrive on exposing students to an integrative education with particular importance placed on the fusion of a liberal arts education with the practical demands of the 21st Century. The A&S faculty members also skillfully incorporate the Four Dominican Pillars of Prayer, Study, Community, and Ministry into the curriculum, both in and outside the classroom. St. Catharine College firmly believes in the value of a liberal arts education for the whole person.  However, we live in an age of practical application; of invention and commerce; of towns and cities; of the constant need for education and re-education for the future. Ultimately our graduates are encouraged to think on their feet, and use what they have learned as the basis for problem-solving, decision-making and creative discovery. This suggests a way of viewing the world and the current limits of knowledge in terms of opportunities for personal growth and exploration. We encourage our graduates to be life-long learners who are always ready to create and discover. As Plutarch once suggested, education is meant to light a fire, not merely to fill a bucket. And following the example of St. Dominic, our graduates learn to spread that fire.

The School of Arts and Sciences: Transforming Students to Positively Transform the World!

Why Arts and Sciences and why Liberal Arts?

The focus of a Liberal Arts’ degree is on interdisciplinary education. The development of a well-rounded, broad-based education has been consistently shown to be the most effective approach to achieving career goals, succeeding in advanced education and providing an overall life of satisfaction. Through the various programs offered within the School of Arts and Sciences, students learn to be creative, think critically, communicate effectively, and   apply   a diverse education to their everyday lives. Having a strong foundation in Liberal Arts allows students to not merely “get a job,” but rather to “excel” in their chosen fields. Our programs of study include:


Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

Bachelor of Arts in English

Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts

Bachelor of Arts in Management

  • Human Resource Management Concentration

Bachelor of Science in Middle School Education

  • Language Arts Certification
  • Mathematics Certification
  • Science Certification
  • Social Studies Certification
  • Language Arts/Mathematics/Science/Social Science Combined Certification

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts:

Bachelor of Science in Biology

Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts:

Associate Degrees Offered:

Associate of Arts in Business

Associate of Applied Science in Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education

Minors Offered:


Community and Regional Studies

Criminal Justice

Creative Writing





Professional Writing

Religious Studies


Social Work

U.S. History 

Certificate Programs:

Pastoral Studies 

Computer Information Systems

Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education