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Special Credit Policies

Independent Study: Under certain circumstances, students may take courses on an independent study basis. This places a special obligation on the student to accept responsibility for his or her own learning. Independent study courses require a specific learning contract with the supervising instructor and permission of the appropriate Department Chair.  Extra fees may be charged for independent Study courses. 

Audit: An auditing student is one who enrolls in a course for informational instruction only and does not seek a grade or credit. Auditing students are not required to complete assignments or examinations, but regular attendance is required in order to receive transcript posting of the audit. Audit is available on a space available basis and the tuition is 50% of the normal rate. A student who is registered as an audit may change to credit status within the first week following the first day of classes.  A changed from audit to credit status requires the approval of the instructor.  A student changing from audit to credit will pay the credit charge.

Credit By Examination

ACT/COMPASS: The College offers three credits in English Composition I for students with a score of 28 or above on the ACT English portion or the equivalent score on the SAT or COMPASS test.

AP Exams: The College offers credit for Advanced Placement (AP) exams.  For specific course information, contact the Office of the Registrar.

CLEP: The College accepts College Level Examination Program (CLEP) scores in a range of subject areas. A score of 50 is generally required. St. Catharine College is one of the 1,400 CLEP testing centers nationwide and one of the 23 open Kentucky centers available to anyone properly registered.  CLEP allows students to demonstrate that they have acquired college-level
mastery of course content in different subject areas. Whether students have mastered this material through prior course work, independent study, or cultural pursuits, students who successfully complete a CLEP exam can enrich their degree programs with higher level courses in the same discipline, expand their horizons by taking a wider array of electives, and avoid the need to repeat material they already know. CLEP exam content is both rigorous and current.  CLEP testing at St. Catharine College is administered in the Academic Resource Center.  SCC students may acquire a maximum of 30 credits through successful completion of CLEP tests. Credit is awarded according to the score the American Council on Education (ACE) recommends for CLEP computerized testing, which is currently 50 (equivalent to a C) or above.

Military Service

St. Catharine College gives credit for prior military service according to the guidelines of the American Council on Education. Persons wishing to apply for credit for military service will be asked to submit their military education transcript and basic service data. The College recognizes DANTES examinations for credit.

Credit for Prior Learning

Professional and Continuing Education: Many students bring to their college experience significant prior professional training. St. Catharine College awards college credit for continuing and professional education and experience according to the guidelines of the American Council on Education (ACE) guidelines. Students wishing to apply for credit for prior professional and continuing education will be required to document those training experiences. 

Life Experience: In addition to formal professional and continuing education, students may petition for credit for significant life experience. Credit for Life Experience may only be requested when a student can document that their previous experience meets or exceeds the requirements of a course in the St. Catharine College catalog. The student submits a letter to the appropriate department chair for the award of credit with a brief one to two page summary of the experience(s) that the student is proposing for evaluation. If the chair feels that the request is reasonable, he or she will provide specific guidance to the student on the learning criteria and experience to be demonstrated and the documentation required. This will normally be in the form of a paper and/or portfolio documenting the experience(s) and an analytical discussion of how the experience has resulted in appropriate learning outcomes. The paper and/or portfolio will be evaluated by one or more faculty members for the award of credit. A fee will be charged for reading and posting Life Experience credit awards.