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Academic Standing, Suspension and Probation

An overall GPA of 2.0 is required for a student to be in good standing. Health sciences majors may have higher GPA requirements to remain in the major.  A student may be placed on Academic Probation for one semester if their grade point average falls below 2.0. A student on Academic Probation may be required to limit the number of hours or courses for which he or she registers, establish special advising programs, or other action to bolster the likelihood of future success. If a student on probation does not achieve a 2.0 grade point average for the following semester, he or she may be suspended.  A student whose grade point average falls below 0.75 at any time after completing at least six (6) credit hours will be automatically suspended. A student who has been suspended may not re-enroll until at least one full semester has passed.

A student who has been placed on suspension may appeal in writing to the Admissions and Academic Standing Committee. This appeal must be submitted not later than two weeks prior to the last day to register for the next semester.  Upon reinstatement by either appeal or by the passage of time prior to reregistration, a student who fails to earn the required grade point average after return to class is subject to dismissal from the college.  Dismissal from the College for academic failure must be confirmed by the President of the College.

Academic Bankruptcy

Academic bankruptcy allows a student to void all or part of his or her previous college record at St. Catharine College. Upon approval of a request for academic bankruptcy, all courses taken in the specified semester or semesters will be declared void. Bankruptcy cannot be requested for individual courses.  The bankruptcy will be posted to the student transcript, and the voided credit hours and grades will not count toward graduation and will not be used for grade point average (GPA) calculations. However, the records will remain on the transcript along with any notations of suspension, probation, or other actions.

Academic bankruptcy must be requested in writing to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Bankruptcy may be requested only once, and students who have declared a bankruptcy are not eligible for future graduation honors.

Inquiries and Appeals

Students who wish to make inquiry or appeal regarding a grade must first present the inquiry directly to the faculty member involved. If a resolution cannot be arrived at with the faculty member, a formal appeal may be submitted in writing to the appropriate Dean or Chair in a timely manner. Following such an appeal the student may, if he or she so desires, appeal the decision of the Dean or Chair to the Vice President for Academic Affairs by requesting in writing
within one week.

Any formal inquiry or appeal of probation, suspension, or other academic matter beyond direct discussion with a faculty member must generally be made in writing in a timely manner to the appropriate dean or division chair or, if as an appeal from their action, to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The consideration of timeliness of notification of appeal is generally within one working week of the incident, decision, or ruling being appealed.