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Academic Advising Resources

Degree Progression or a Graduation Plan is the most important aspect of a student’s college experience.  In other words, what classes do you need to take to get a degree in the most efficient amount of time. 

Academic Advising is:

  • a developmental process which assists students in the clarification of their life/career goals and in the development of educational plans for the realization of these goals;
  • a decision-making process by which students realize their maximum educational potential through communication and information exchanges with an advisor;
  • an ongoing, multifaceted, and the responsibility of both the student and advisor;
  • Advising serves to:
    •  facilitate communication
    •  coordinate learning experiences through course planning and academic progress review,
    •  assist in career planning, and
    •  facilitate referral to other campus agencies as necessary
Every student at St. Catharine is assigned an academic advisor within their major.  The advisor guides them through the following recurring processes:
  • semester registration for classes
  • add/drop of classes
  • progression of graduation plan
  • graduation application

A student should always bring the following items to each advising appointment: 

  1. the most recent copy of your transcript
  2. an updated degree planner with all completed courses recorded
  3. a schedule of classes for the semester you are planning
  4. a registration form
  5. a draft schedule completed with your ideas for courses you might take
Below are some key resources utilized for advising and degree progression: