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Saint Catharine College

Mission Statement, Vision Statement and Core values

Mission Statement:

St. Catharine College, a Catholic, Dominican college inspired by its founders, welcomes all to the challenging pursuit of truth, preparing them to become critical thinkers, ethical leaders and engaged citizens.


Vision Statement:

St. Catharine College will stand among the foremost private colleges in the country known for innovative academic and student development programs, the spirited loyalty of alumni and the contribution of its graduates to society.


Core Values:

St. Catharine College will strive to live the four pillars of Dominican life:

Prayer: by growing in a spiritual relationship with God, self, others and all of creation

Study: by seeking truth and wholeness of mind, body and spirit within a liberal arts education, as life-long learners

Ministry: by providing opportunities to offer and share talents at the service of others

Community: by creating an atmosphere where mutual respect and concern are experienced daily